Green Works
           Environmental Services


Green Works Environmental Services has earned a reputation for     completing projects on time and on budget. Our staff has over thirty years of experience in environmental and program management that has allowed Green Works Environmental Services to develop innovative training and consulting solutions that address our clients needs.

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   Deep Horizon Oil Spill 2010

                         New Orleans  Barge Oil Spill  2008

         Provided and directed over 300 field technicians for several "zones" along                          the Mississippi River.



   Green Works is providing field technicians for site remediation in preparation of a the city wide installation of smart water meters for the San Francisco  Public Service Commission.
               Deep Horizon Oil Spill - 2010  State of Mississippi

       Green Works  recruited, trained, and provided over 1700 field technicians for                       remediation work across the state of Mississippi


                                San Francisco Oil Spill - 2007 

              Provided field supervisors and 400 field technicians involved in state park                           shoreline remediation projects.
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