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Mobile House Hold Waste Collection Programs

Green Works Environmental Services provides guidance for communities that are either operating temporary collection events, or require assistance in the design of their permanent House Hold Waste collection facility. Green Works has worked with municipalities in facility design, establishing formal operating procedures to meet federal and state regulations. Green Works will assist communities in composing formal proposals for services related to their facility.
Consulting Services

Green Works provides consulting services covering Existing HHW operations, design, and facility cost analysis.
  • Homeless Camp remediation
  • Pre and Post oil spill response
  • Commercial and residential foreclosure
Homeless Camps Site Remediation Services
Green Works has developed a program to aid the municipalities in managing and minimizing legal expose during homeless camp remediation. Our Program provides services to the homeless providing temporary storage of personal property during relocation.

Green works provides consulting services to municipalities on developing ordinances and procedures assisting communities in providing solutions addressing management of the homeless situations faced by most communities across the nation. 

Vallejo Site Clean Up by Green Works Environmental Services 

Consulting Services

Green Works provides training for the environmental industry. Please visit our training page for specific courses.

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